What to Bring



We hope you’re excited about your outdoor adventure(s). We’re sure looking forward to welcoming you the Great Smoky Mountains. The following instructions will help you prepare for your trip. Please read through them carefully.

How to Prepare for Your Trip

Click Here to Print these Instructions.  These instructions will tell you everything you need to know about taking a trip with Rafting in the Smokies.

Click Here to Print the Release Form.  Whether your rafting, ziplining, or ropes course every guest must fill out and sign a waiver.

When you receive your E-mail Ticket, please:

Verify the date and time of your trip. If they are incorrect, notify us immediately. Print your ticket and bring it with you to the river on the day of your trip.  Please note that the time on your ticket is Eastern time.

Print your map. Read the directions on your map ahead of time. Travel times are listed. You must be at our river outpost in Hartford,TN at least 45 minutes before your scheduled trip time. Failing to show on time will forfeit your deposit. If you must cancel, 48 hours notice is required. No refunds the day of or the day before the trip. Please do not use a GPS as they are not mountain friendly and will get you lost!!!

Every person 18 years and older must fill out and sign their own release form. All children under 18 years of age must have a parent/legal guardian fill out and sign the appropriate part of the form. Bring your signed release forms and your ticket to the river outpost on the day of your trip.

We Raft Rain or Shine

Whatever the weather, you need to be at the river outpost 45 minutes before your reserved trip time.  If it is cool or rainy we provide nylon jackets and pants free of charge. You may also rent a wet suit for $10 each.  Rain is usually welcome during the hot summer days and makes a fun trip.  During summer, we recommend wearing waterproof sunscreen. (Available at our store)

What to Wear

Be prepared to get wet. We recommend wearing quick-dry synthetic material shorts, t-shirt or a bathing suit, something you’re comfortable getting wet in, tennis shoes, deck shoes or river sandals. NO CROCS, FLIP-FLOPS OR BAREFEET ALLOWED. Wearing secure footwear is required by the County River Officer! Failure to wear proper footwear will result in forfeiting your trip without a refund. If needed, we have proper footwear for sale in our store. For all zipline/ropes course participants, closed-toed shoes that are secure around the ankles and knee length shorts are required.

Bring a towel and change of dry clothes and shoes. We have changing facilities, restrooms and hot showers but we do not have lockers. Never wear jeans or sweats, especially when it’s rainy or cool, as they absorb water and keep you wet the entire trip. If you feel you need extra clothing, we recommend nylon, fleece, polypropylene or wool (we recommend wool socks in the spring and fall).

Glasses and Valuables

If you wear glasses, we suggest you use an eyeglass retainer (available at our store). If you wear contact lenses and are used to playing in the water with them, wear them. If not, wear glasses with a retainer strap.

Cold water makes even snug jewelry loose. Don’t wear any jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings) that you are not prepared to lose to the river.

Please do not bring a camera! Our professional photographer will take a series of digital photos of each raft. These photos will be available for viewing in our store after your trip. You can purchase a single photo or all photos(8-12 photos) on a non-copyrighted digital disc. Be sure to remember your guide’s name.  Rafting In The Smokies assumes no responsibility for the loss of any valuables.

Your Car and Your Keys

Be sure to lock all your valuables in your vehicle before you head down the river.  We provide a safe place for your keys during your trip.

Just A Reminder

For your safety, no drinks, alcoholic beverages or food are allowed on the trip. Rafting In The Smokies reserves the right to refuse anyone. Trip fees include everything you will need for your trip: all river equipment, transportation from the river outpost to the river, taxes and user fees.

If there is anything else you’d like to know or have explained before your trip, call us. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you create memories that will last a lifetime!