Fun Activities at Rafting in the Smokies


Rafting on the Upper Pigeon River at Rafting in the Smokies

Rafting in the Smokies has something for everyone! There are so many fun activities that people of nearly any age can participate in and enjoy. We encourage you to look at everything that RITS has to offer.

For older kids, adrenaline junkies, and those who want a solid upper-body workout, the Upper Pigeon Whitewater Rafting Trip is a great choice. You’ll power through 12 Class III and three Class IV rapids over the course of five-and-a-half miles and learn to work with a team. While the Lower Pigeon Float Trip will get you wet, the Upper Pigeon will get you soaked! This activity is great for those over age eight (or over 70 lbs). If you have people in your group that can’t paddle or don’t want to, Rafting in the Smokies can accommodate.

Kids getting ready for the Lower Pigeon River Family Float Trip

If you have smaller kids (ages three and up), the Lower Pigeon Float Trip is perfect. You’ll experience milder water, with spots of rapids. Children will enjoy scouting for birds and sunbathing turtles. The Lower Pigeon Float Trip is also ideal for older folks who don’t want to be intensely paddling and want to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is no restriction on height or weight, but you will need to be able to fit in a personal floatation device (maximum of 56”).

Ziplining in Tennessee

If you’d rather soar through the sky and stay dry, then ziplining would be a perfect fit for you. Our Zipline Canopy Tour will set you about 60 feet above the ground. You’ll traverse over 2,400 feet through six different ziplines. The zipline is for those over the age of five and between 45 and 250 lbs.

You can always pair activities together through the packages area of our booking section. Plenty of people want to experience both the Zipline Canopy Tour and one of our Pigeon River rafting trips.

High Elements Ropes Course - Smoky Mountains

Also high above the ground is our high elements Ropes Challenge Course. It’s a total of 12 different activities ranging from easy to very tough. As you progress through the course, the activities get increasingly more difficult. If you like to challenge yourself and test your limits, this is the course for you! This course has the same restrictions as our Zipline Canopy Tour (ages five and up and between 45 and 200 lbs).

Kids on the Rock Climbing Wall in the Smoky Mountains

The newest addition to our offerings is our beautiful four-sided Rock Climbing Wall. Kids as young as two (over 22 lbs) can participate. The guides will help them up the wall if they encounter any difficulty and are very patient if they want to try other sides. Older participants can test their abilities on the inner wall. The other Rock Climbing Wall restrictions are 22 to 330 lbs.

Ready to try one of our exhilarating activities? Head on over to the book now page. If you would like to combine activities, be sure to check out our package deals.