Tips for a First Time Zipliner

Ziplining is an experience that gives you the chance to breeze through the trees and experience nature in ways you aren’t typically able to. Even though our Zipline Canopy Tour starts at the very top of our tower, there is no reason to fear the heights! Here are some tips if you are going to be ziplining for the first time:

Make a reservation and come prepared
While we may have openings when you arrive, make a reservation online to ensure you secure a spot. Adding other activities through a package deal will get you the most bang for your buck. Make sure that you’ve filled out the waiver form. If you fill it out from the link online and then bring it in, you’ll save yourself some time. We do have forms on-site if you forget or don’t have access to a printer. Make sure everyone who is ziplining with you meets both the age, health, and weight requirements to streamline the experience. While there is no rigorous hiking involved, you shouldn’t zip if you have a heart condition, and we don’t allow pregnant women on the tour.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that surround your feet
Because you’ll be in a harness, you will want to make sure you are wearing pants/shorts long enough to get past the harness and shirts that cover your shoulders. This will prevent the harness from coming in direct contact with your skin. Because you’re going to be flying through the air, we don’t want you to lose your shoes. Wear shoes that will stay secure around your ankles. That means no flip-flops or crocs! Closed-toe shoes are the best bet. If you took on the Pigeon River earlier, make sure you brought a change of clothes with you. You can also do the zipline course first through our package deals.

Secure your items
If you happen to have your phone/keys with you, make sure that you secure them before you take off on the Zipline Canopy Tour. We can hold your keys in our office, just like we do for those who are rafting. If you have glasses, you might want to get one of our retainer straps to hold them on, just in case. It’s probably a good idea to secure or leave behind the dangling jewelry too.

Expect bugs
Spray on insect repellent as a good measure of protection before you head on over to our Family Adventure Island. While the Pigeon River has an excellent supply of dragonflies that love mosquitos, you can never be too prepared! We’re in the middle of a forest after all.

Focus on the fun, and trust your equipment
Our Zipline Canopy Tour is inspected to meet safety requirements, and our guides are all trained in first aid and CPR. Don’t worry about anything but having fun! Trust the equipment and enjoy the experience. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our knowledgeable guides will be more than happy to answer.

Ziplining at Rafting in the Smokies is a great way to take yourself to new heights. We’ll work with you and help guide you through the course without pressuring you. If you’re ready to start your Zipline Canopy Tour, head on over to our reservation page. You can also click the Packages tab to combine activities.