Guide Interview: Hunter

This interview is part of a series of interviews in which we help you get to know these amazing and passionate people who help to make RITS what it is. To view more, check out the Guide Interviews page.

Hunter - Guide Interview at RITS

Hunter was invited in by Brad’s cousin, Birdman (Drew) and is from Orlando, Florida. 2016 was his rookie year. Hunter said going to a small town like Hartford is really life-changing.

How is the training program?

It was hard, but really fun. It was about a month of training where you try and understand how the current works. We took down the river about four or five times a day.

What’s your favorite part of the day?

Trying to get them to work together. About 90% of people never have done this before. Sharing that adventure on the river with other rafting companies is great.

What do you do special with guests in your raft?

Showing the guests what a guide’s life is like on the river. They’re living through us while they’re on the river so we try and explain what’s going on in nature and what’s happening with the other companies. It’s awesome for us to share.

Is this something you think you can do for a long time?

Always coming out to a new river, this river in particular since I’ve trained on it. Meeting people like KP who was originally raft guide and got into management. I definitely want to come back next year.

What do you think makes this addictive for you?

Every day even this river is on a different level so it’s new every time. Getting outside and meeting new people.

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