Zipline Equipment at Rafting in the Smokies

Zipline Equipment at Rafting in the Smokies

Rafting in the Smokies features an awesome zipline course that spans 2,400 feet. We operate rain or shine and have an instruction session with your adventure guide where you might hear some unfamiliar terms. Before booking the Zipline Canopy Tour, it’s always good to get a head-start when it comes to equipment and gear. Below are some of the equipment we use and terms you may not be familiar with before your experience.


Helmets are required safety gear. We provide a helmet and make sure it’s fitted correctly. To ensure your safety, we check helmets for fractures, corrosion on rivets, and buckles or other fasteners.


We provide and require a full-body harness. We make sure harnesses fit properly with two-finger tightness and will replace them if they are worn, discolored, stiff, or have broken or defective buckles or fasteners.

Phoenix Claws

Phoenix Claws are used for clipping into a tie-in-point. They connect the platform and stairway belays. When on the zipline canopy tour, they are connected to the snap hook eye on either side of the tether.


Tethers connect the harness to the zipline pulley. These are checked for proper fitting and length to make sure you’re positioned well. Each person has three different tethers that connect to the safety cables. They are rated at 5,000 lb breaking strength. The staff at Rafting in the Smokies will make all the transfers for you.


Also used for climbing, a carabiner is a metal loop-shaped tool with a spring-loaded element to open and close. It’s used to connect the lanyard to the harness.


This is the driving force of the zipline. When you are heading down the zipline, it’s the pulley that gets you to the next station.

Our Zipline Canopy Tour, open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, is a great way to experience nature in a new and exciting way. It has a low impact on the neighboring plants and wildlife. If you are ready to start your tour, book now and zip on over! Just remember to wear closed-toe shoes and long shorts or pants.