Hiker’s Delight Beef Jerky Recipe

Hiker’s Delight Beef Jerky Recipe

Hiking in the Smokies, Beef Jerky recapieThis recipe for homemade beef jerky comes from the Mike, the husband of Rafting in the Smokies’ general manager Claudette Geoffrion, who’s been making this tasty treat for years!

1 beef flank steak, well trimmed

½ cup soy sauce

Garlic salt

Lemon pepper

Cut steak lengthwise with grain into long strips, no more than ¼” thick. Toss with soy sauce. Arrange beef strips in single layer on a wire rack placed on baking sheet. Sprinkle with garlic salt and lemon pepper. Place a second rack over beef and flip over. Remove top rack. Sprinkle again with seasonings. Bake at 15- to 175 degrees overnight, about 10 to 12 hours. Store in a covered container. NOTE: Beef jerky should not be crisp. If it is, the oven temperature is too high.

As always this is a great recipe for Hiking, White Water Rafting in TN, or just enjoying on a picnic with the family.  We hope to see you on the river when you next visit the Great Smoky Mountains, make sure to offer your guide a piece of Jerky, they love treats too.  Until then from your friends at Rafting in the Smokies, “The Pro’s on the River”  have a wonderful life enjoy every moment.