Rock Climbing Wall Adventures

Rock Climbing wall at Rafting in the Smokies

The rock climbing wall at Rafting in the Smokies is the latest addition of fun to the Rafting in the Smokies experience! While you’re here, consider adding this on your adventure plate. Located on Family Adventure Island, the Rock Climbing Wall is a stunning tower that is adjacent to our High Elements Ropes Course and Zipline Canopy Tour. You’ll head down the steps from the suspension bridge and greet the guides before they strap you into a harness.

The rock climbing wall is for ages two and up, and the guides are very patient and supportive of your little ones. They’ll let them choose the side they want to attempt to climb and will encourage and help assist with hand/foot holds. Older kids and adults will enjoy the competitive nature of the wall.

Each side offers a varied level of difficulty, with the downriver side being the most exhausting. At the top of each of the sides of the tower, you’ll see the bell. When you reach the top you can ring it, letting everyone around you know you faced the challenge and conquered it! Try one of the other sides and get comfortable, and maybe you’ll be brave enough to defeat the downriver side!

After you’ve successfully completed your own self-challenge, you can challenge your friends to see who can climb the side the fastest! It’s a healthy competition that will surely get your adrenaline pumping, especially when you’re ready to let go and rappel to the ground while the guide helps with the belay system.

Here are some other fun climbing game ideas to make your adventure even more memorable:

Shout out: One person traverses the wall and another on the ground points or calls out to the next hold the climber should try and hit. The hold should be challenging, but not enough that the climber can’t reach it. The turn ends when the climber can’t climb. Then the pointer and climber switch and the person that went the farthest wins.

Memory: The person on the ground points out 4–10 climbing moves and the climber must remember each hold as they climb the route.

Shortest Distance: See who can climb the farthest using the least amount of hand holds.

High Score: Point out enough holds to safely get a climber to the top. Assign points to the holds. The easier holds get lower points and harder holds get higher points. The person with the most points wins.

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