Gifts for the Outdoor Rafting Enthusiast

If you’re planning on taking a family scenic float trip or a whitewater rafting trip with Rafting in the Smokies on the Pigeon Forge River in Tennessee, here are some items you might want to add to your inventory:

  • Eyewear Retainer—It’s an attachment to your glasses to keep them from getting lost in the rapids. If you plan on taking sunglasses with you, you should grab one of these in our store. Typical eyewear retainers either have chains, cords, or straps. If you are concerned about your lenses popping out due to the force of the water, you can also get prescription goggles with UVA/UVB protection or bring an extra pair. Eye glass retainers are recommended on both the Class I-II whitewater rapid excursions as well as Class III-IV whitewater rafting trips.
  • Paddle Jacket—Wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet. A paddle jacket is great because it seals out water and wind and you can put it over your regular clothes. Make sure the paddle jacket you buy is good for the weather/season you expect to raft in. Some jackets do not breathe as well as others, making them good for early spring/late fall. We do have wetsuits that are available to rent, plus nylon jackets and pants, which are free of charge. We provide splash gear in the spring and fall.
  • Wet bag—So honestly, wet bags are designed for cloth diapers. However, they’re also great for storing wet clothes until you can dry/wash them, making them quite useful to our visitors! Planet Wise makes some great wet bags that are PVC/lead-free and lined with a waterproof material. They are anti-microbial and made in the USA. Of course, you can get wet bags elsewhere, but usually they cost more and are smaller than the large wet bags sold by Planet Wise, which can easily store your entire family’s wet wardrobe.If you’re skipping out on rafting and enjoying the zipline course or our ropes challenge course at Family Adventure Island, remember that you can also bring the kids to play at the water’s edge. Besides being useful for rafters (and diapering), wet bags are also great for swimsuits.