Whitewater Rafting for Scouts

Finding a way to earn a whitewater rafting badge for your Scout Troop has never been easier. Rafting in the Smokies offers an exclusive merit badge to all Boy/Girl Scouts who raft on either the Upper Pigeon (ages 8+ or 70+ lbs) or Lower Pigeon River trips. Whitewater rafting is a great opportunity for your Troop to work together and demonstrate a variety of skills, including safety, techniques, and knowledge.

After your whitewater experience, we encourage your Troop to also try the High Elements Ropes Challenge Course. They can cheer on their friends as they confront fears and perform feats of fitness. As all participants remain harnessed, it’s a safe way to test their limits.

Interested in getting your Scout Troop signed up? Call us at 800-PRO-RAFT. Make sure you book 15 days in advance and under your Troop name, so we can ensure that you have enough badges.