Fall Adventure Savings in the Smokies

Fall Rafting in the Smokies

Fall Rafting in the Smokies

As visitors gear up to make their fall trek to the Smoky Mountains, thoughts of colorful leaves dance through their imagination.  No two trips to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge are the same: the scenery is what people come for and that is what they get.

Perspective is what makes a moment special.  If you are sitting in your car in gridlock, your outlook on life is probably a bit gloomy.  If you are hiking on a trail in the Smoky Mountains, we guarantee that your outlook is well over 1000% better. Here are a few unique ways to change your perspective on your next visit to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Fall Foliage Whitewater Rafting Trips – Rafting in the Smokies offers a fantastic adventure whereby visitors can experience the Smokies’ fall colors from a totally unique viewpoint. As you gently float down the Big Pigeon River, peace and tranquility surround you as the sound of the water rippling underneath your boat fills your soul, and the rustling of cool fall breezes and brilliant colors fill your mind as they burst into their fall ritual.

Paddle & Saddle Trips –  A favorite any time of the year! Our visitors to Rafting in the Smokies love the opportunity to Paddle one day then mount a beautiful horse and ride some awe-inspiring trails the next.

Raft & Zip – For the folks who like to experience the thrill of ziplining through the trees. Paddle down the river to experience the beauty that is all around and then return to Rafting in the Smokies’ Family Adventure Island just across our 150’ suspension bridge.  There you will be treated to one of the few side-by-side zipline adventures in the Smokies. Wow! It’s sure amazing to see the colors flash by as you sail through the foliage.

All of these programs feature one thing: FUN in the great outdoors! For your convenience, your friends at Rafting in the Smokies have packaged these adventures and offer outstanding discounts so that you may experience more of what the Smoky Mountains are famous for.

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