3 Tips for a Terrific White Water Trip

3 Tips for a Terrific White Water Rafting Trip

Have you ever gone on vacation and not been quite ready for the experience that you just signed up for?

Many times our guests at Rafting In The Smokies find themselves in town with some free time and they decide to take a White Water Rafting trip.  A little preparation is all that it takes to ensure that your day turns out fantastic.  For your convenience Rafting in the Smokies has compiled and published a list of the most Q&A by past visitors.  Click Here to Read Our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Rafting Tip 1: Drink Water

One of the biggest dangers people face when experiencing outdoor activities is dehydration. In the words of Bobby Bouchette (The Water Boy) “We don’t want nobody getting the Dehydration!” White Water Rafting can cause you to exert energy and in all the excitement you do not realize that you need to replenish fluids.  Think ahead make sure to drink plenty of fluids before you hit the rapids, and drink plenty of fluids when you get off the river. The River is a beautiful body of water, but don’t drink the river water.

Rafting Tip 2: Paddles Down

Let’s keep those paddles down and NEVER let go of your “T” Grip.  Why you ask ???  A paddle does just that if you get it out of control.  Keep the blade of the paddle in or near the water.  If you get excited and let the paddle swing around, you are likely to contact one of your other raft mates.  This is no way to make friends.  You will make an impression on them but certainly not a good one.  The “T” Grip should always be in one of your hands at all times.  Again Safety first, a Loose T-grip swinging around in the boat can change the day from an exciting fun filled experience to a Fat Lip or worse pretty quick.

Rafting Tip 3: What to Wear

Be prepared to get wet. We recommend wearing quick-dry synthetic material shorts, t-shirt or a bathing suit, something you’re comfortable getting wet in, tennis shoes, deck shoes or river sandals. NO CROCS, FLIP-FLOPS OR BARE-FEET ALLOWED. Wearing secure footwear is required by the County. Failure to wear proper footwear will result in forfeiting your trip without a refund. If needed, we have proper footwear for sale in our store.

Bring a towel and change of dry clothes and shoes. We have changing facilities, restrooms, and hot showers. Never wear jeans or sweats, especially when it’s rainy or cool, as they absorb water and keep you wet the entire trip. If you feel you need extra clothing, we recommend nylon, fleece, polypropylene or wool (we recommend wool socks in the spring and fall).