What to Do In Gatlinburg?

Ripley's Aquarium of the SmokiesSo you are thinking about taking a trip to Gatlinburg? Some of the most popular questions that we, at Rafting in the Smokies, get from our visitors are “Where is a good place to eat?”  and “What is there to do in Gatlinburg?”  Let’s tackle these questions one at a time, Gatlinburg dining first. There are literally hundreds of Gatlinburg restaurants, eateries, and sandwich shops from which to choose.

The Smoky Mountain Brewery is a favorite among many locals and visitors alike; it’s famous for its enormous pizzas.  As you enter the Smoky Mountain Brewery, quite often you can catch sight of the staff  hand-tossing the pizzas.  I realized a long time ago that it is the little details like this that help us create those special memories.  The mouth-watering smell of hot, fresh pizza drifts through the restaurant while the sounds of laughter and happy conversations fill the rafters.   If you are looking for a Gatlinburg Dining experience that is more substantial, something a little more traditional, something more all-American such as a steak perhaps?  I would suggest the Peddler, located on River Road at the southern end of Gatlinburg. The Peddler restaurant is the Gatlinburg restaurant that is famous for its steaks. Owner Jeff Wolpert has meticulously created a world-class dining experience for you that offers only premium cuts of beef.

So now that you have eaten, let’s get to the next item on your travel agenda?  What kind of things are there to do in Gatlinburg? This question is in many cases much more difficult to answer.  The diverse nature of Gatlinburg and theSmoky Mountains offers a plethora of activities. Depending on the time of year, there are a multitude of answers. Presently in the late fall/ winter months, we at Rafting in the Smokies have put our gear up for the season.

Snowboarding at Ober GatlinburgHowever, if you want to “Live Free” and have fun like us,  a trip to Gatlinburg’s Ober Ski Resort is definitely at the top of your list. Grab your skis and come hit the slopes for the smoky mountain swooshing adventure of your life.  Not ready to jump on the skis just yet? Then Ober Gatlinburg has a couple other cool experiences up their sleeve. Ober Gatlinburg is home to a tremendous indoor ice rink. It just takes a few minutes to get your skates and you will be doing your best Brian Boytono or Michelle Quann.  After you test your skills on the ice, you can catch the latest mountain craze. Snow tubing is the newest and coolest mountain adventure in these parts; you have gotta try this.  I always like to go the road less traveled and find the cool stuff.

Gatlinburg Ski LifeFor a wonderful view that is second to none, grab your camera and go ride the glass elevators to the top of the Space Needle in Gatlinburg  Make sure to share all of your vacation photos with all your friends on Facebook.  They will be so jealous when they are sitting at work and you are out playing. Need to find something indoors to do,Cooters Placehas Gatlinburg’s only indoor go-cart track and indoor mini-golf. Cooter’s Place is home to a shrine of memorabilia from the hit  ‘70s show The Dukes of Hazzard. From Cooter’s Place, you can walk across the street to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and spend hours exploring the #1 rated aquarium in theUnited States.  Be sure to bring your camera here as well; you won’t want to miss the penguins

Now for the Big Question…  Where can I get all this at a good price?

You can call each facility and see what special they might be offering, or you can sit through three or four time share presentations to get the items gifted.  Or you can go online through our friends at Reserve Direct and book your entire vacation from lodging to attractions to restaurants and pre-plan your entire vacation itinerary. Get everything you want in the Smoky Mountains at the lowest online prices.