Four Blink EV Charging Stations Installed

It may be Autumn, but Rafting in the Smokies is Getting Greener by the Day – Four Blink EV Charging Stations Installed

With fewer than 15,000 all-electric cars on American roads now, the hope of the Obama administration is that by 2015 there will be a million such cars. And to prepare for the surge, the public/private EV Project has made it possible for many locations near the Great Smoky Mountains to install chargers for electric vehicles.

While EV drivers are likely to do most of their charging at home or at work, vacationers considering plug-in cars want to be reassured they have alternatives at their destinations.
Visitors to either the Reservations office in Gatlinburg or the River Outpost in Hartford will be able to juice their batteries.

The new Blink Commercial charging stations are equipped with beacon lights, allowing them to be seen from any direction. Blink also offers state-of-the-art GPS and location-based tools for mobile devices and Smartphones.